Take heart. By Tara.

Ladies, keep in mind that you bear the image of God [Genesis 1:26]. Our bodies, hearts, souls and minds all reflect our Creator. God loves our physical bodies and they are precious to Him. While living in this body conscious world, in the midst of trying to lose weight, gain weight, change this, fix that.. we are never completely happy with our body image. We often forget that, no matter what we l

ook like, we hold the treasure of being God’s most beautiful masterpiece. 

That being said, it is vital that we as women remain conscious of how we broadcast our bodies, remembering that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit [Corinthians 6:19]. We are fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 139:14], and we are valued. 

You are worth so much more than what this world feeds you. Take heart and know that the Creator of the Universe is madly in love with you! It is my prayer that when we realize how much of a gift to the world we are, we will then begin to value ourselves.

Talmidim (The Servants). For Today.

Because we are the sons of the living God.
Because we are the children of the Almighty.
Because we are the residents of the Kingdom of Heaven. 
And we are soldiers in an army of the Immortal.
And when we speak life, life happens.
And when we speak healing, healing happens.
And when we speak truth, truth happens.
And when we go and take what we have found to a dead world, we’ll see it come to life again.
And when we take what we have found to a hopeless world, we’ll see hope come back. 
We’ll see the heart of our world start beating again. 
And we’ll see the color come back into people’s faces.
And absolutely nothing will ever stop that.
And mountains will move before us.
And oceans will part before us.
And the dead will raise before us.
And the world will know that our God is a god that heals.
That our God is a god that lives.
And our God is a god that loves unlike anything anyone has ever felt before.
Because we are fearless.
Because we are His hands.
And because we are His feet forever and ever.


Mattie Montgomery at Elmira Christian Center on September 28, 2012. 

Follow Mattie on Twitter: @fortodaymattie. 


Our summer. 2012.


"I’ve gone from death to life, crucified with Christ. I am the Lord’s. Death has no hold on me, fear has no grip on me. I am the Lord’s. Jesus I give my life, living sacrifice. I am the Lord’s. I’m standing on the battle line and this is my war cry: I am the Lord’s. My God reigns, Jesus you reign. Leave all things behind, cling to the One I love. You’re my great reward, all I’m living for, Jesus!"

(Source: Spotify)

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