Our friends in For Today playing ‘Under God’ at Camden Warped Tour.

Twitter: @fortodayband.

‎”Under a flag of ‘freedom,’ we feel the flames of hell. But revolution comes for the brave ones, we know that time will tell. We wore the chains of bondage, painted with stars and stripes. But we can turn this nation from its path, if we will pay the price.

This is a call to the brave ones, the few that stand and fight: Awaken our generation from their sleep! The fate of a nation’s hanging on your word. Just stand up and testify: ‘I am free!’ And watch heaven open wide.

At the gate of our nation stands the guardians of the new age. I can see them now, they will intervene in the course of our destruction. We are the protectors, the few that stand and fight. We are the protectors, the guardians of light.

This dying nation needs your hope, so stand up and testify. Let your light shine in the darkest night. Never hold back, never give up the fight. Then the darkness will not overcome where the light shines. So we call to the strong: Let your voice be heard!

We are the revolution. I hear the new sound. We are the revolution. All hell can’t stop us now.”


Our friend Mattie from the band For Today speaking in Camden, NJ.

"Well listen, before we play another note: it’s my honor and it’s my privledge to be able to stand here and say: it’s not my belief, it’s not my opinion and it’s not my choice; the reality of the world we live in is Jesus Christ in the king of all kings, the lord of all lords, the Son of the living God and the One who is worthy of all praise and honor and adoration and glory. I wish I could stand up here and preach some easy, hollow, empty, worthless, pathetic, feel-good message and tell you all it’s okay you can do whatever you want and nobody can tell you otherwise. I can’t make you believe anything. But I can tell you if you’re looking for hope: you’ll never find it anywhere but in Jesus. If you’re looking for peace, life, deliverance, freedom, joy, love: you’ll never find it anywhere but in Jesus Christ. And if you’re looking at anything else it’s only a matter of time until you get let down. So listen, I don’t come here to force anything down your throat. I come here to tell you because of the blood of Jesus, there’s an open door to anybody that would be willing to lay their life down and take His up. Anybody that’s willing to give up their broken life to take His perfect life. If that’s you, there’s an open door for you by the blood of Jesus into the God that made you, into your destiny, into your purpose, into your dream. Hallelujah. So listen, there’s only one question I’ve got for you. Everybody’s going to stand up on this stage and say a million different things today. But tonight, and tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and ten years from now, and ten thousand years from now the only things that will last forever are the things that are guarded by Jesus, the things that are given to Jesus, the things that are hidden in Jesus."



Yesterday Shawn and I spent the day at Van’s Warped Tour with our friends in the band For Today, a band that focuses primarily on sharing their beliefs and their devotion through the music they make. The glorify the Lord in all that they do, on and off of the stage, and it is a wonderful thing to see the members of a christian band living their lives to fit the message they preach.

After a day of hanging out, a group of us: Mike [guitarist] and [wife] Susanna Reynolds, David Puckett [drummer], Shawn and myself stood outside of the tour bus when a girl named Stephanie approached us. She, unaware of the fact that we were all Christians, explained to us that her hand hurt and asked if we could help her. We asked her on a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain was, and she gave it a 4. Immediately, David began praying. The rest of us quickly backed him up and demanded that, in the name of Jesus, the pain in her hand be done with. When we finished and asked how her hand felt, she was amazed and responded with “perfect.”

Stephanie’s hand now feels perfect because she was healed by Jesus, and Jesus is nothing short of perfect.

At first, she was kind of freaked out. Wouldn’t you be too if you had never been exposed to such a level of love and intimacy sent from a Lord you hardly knew? How could it be that He loves her so much, when she did not even know Him?

In Jeremiah 30:17 the Lord says:  “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” This is a promise that will not, and can not be diminished.

We then asked her what she was going to do now that she had witnessed her hand being healed by the power of King Jesus. She was noticeably uncomfortable, and couldn’t think of the answer that she thought we expected to hear.

"Uh.. go to church? I guess I believe in God now."

We told her to grab a bible and seriously read it. We told her to communicate with her Father in Heaven that has healed her.We told her to open herself up, because God is waiting to come in.

So now, it is our prayer that she not only heard our voices, but listened to our words. I pray that she will allow the Lord to have complete access to her, and that she will allow her heart to be flooded with the same love and mercy that the Lord has shown her last night. I pray that she continues to pursue Jesus, and accepts Him as her Lord and savior.

God is beyond good, and He never fails to astound me with his ways.

I love all of you,


Habakkuk 3:19 | graftedoaks.tumblr.com. 

Habakkuk 3:19 | graftedoaks.tumblr.com. 



If Jesus is my Lord, I literally have no right to make my own decisions and opinions. I must completely bend to who He is and what He says. Therefore, if I believe that God is a just God, has a standard and has made provision for me and the world, it would be unloving, wrong and deplorable for me to keep it to myself. My worldview as a Christian is defined by my belief and knowledge of the Creator of the universe. Not by political affiliations, movements, culture, parents, friends, etc. But by the living God. Christianity is not my “religion”, or an option I have chosen among many other worthy options. Jesus is the Truth. And I will live according to the Truth until the end of my days. That is where I am coming from, as one submitted to Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. 

Bless you all.

- shawn.


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