dearlyl0ved said: Hi guys! I could always use some prayer partners in my life! I will be starting as a biology teacher n September. Please pray for he hearts of the students I will be able to reach and that God equips me with the skills I need to teach them. I aim to bring Him glory through my teaching biology- the science of all the "awesome" God created!

Hey! That is awesome! I believe God has placed you in that position. We definitely need biology teachers who are strong in their faith. God bless you and we will be praying.



onfireforgod said: Hey! I'm teaching at a mid-week youth group tonight on God's compassion. So would you pray for His peace to wash over me, His Spirit to fill me, His compassion to fill my words, and for the hearts of those listening. Also against any spiritual opposition to me or those listening. Thank you so much! God bless!

That’s awesome! We’re backing you up brother! 

Also - nice blog! 



How can we pray for you?

Tara and I really want to position ourselves to support our followers in prayer. Please send any and all prayer requests to us. Whether it is for yourself, family or friends. 

Also, if you’d like your prayer request to be private please let us know (I will respond privately).

Kingdom come!

Much love,



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